Non-sporting Breeds


Ownership of a dog is a serious undertaking. It requires a long-term commitment, keeping in mind that some breeds, the Miniature Poodle for instance, may live for 17 years or more. Twelve years is the average canine lifespan, during which time the dog must be fed, exercised, and groomed, receive veterinary attention for accidents and illnesses, and be taken into consideration whenever its owner is planning to be away from home for more than a matter of hours.
First, it is important that the decision to buy a dog has the approval of both partners; likewise with the choice of breed. Second, never buy a dog on face value. Always check whether its abilities, temperament, and requirements are suitable for the role that you have in mind, and your circumstances. For instance, you may live in an apartment or in a house, in the town or in the country, and your choice of breed should take this into account. In the case of a large, powerful breed and/or one that needs a great deal of exercise, you must be certain that you and/or your partner have the physical strength to control it. By now you will have realized that study of the canine groups helps the dog buyer to narrow down the choice to breeds that fall within the most suitable category. In each case, you should find a number of varieties from which to make a choice. It should not be too difficult to find several breeds that, for example, combine the role of sporting dog and/or guard with that of a family pet, or that could, if you wish, be kenneled outdoors, mindful that most pet dogs share their owners' home, but that many large, thick-coated dogs come to no harm outside.
Dog Food
The cost element should play a role in your choice of dog. Remember that large breeds and working dogs cost considerably more to maintain, in food terms, than smaller ones.

Dog Health Check

Carry out the following checks to make sure that the puppy of your choice is healthy before finalizing the purchase.
Dog Health Check 1
Body Pick up the puppy to check that it does not object or show signs of pain; its body should be firm and relaxed.
Dog Health Check 1
Ears Lift the ear flap and check that the ear canal is dry and clean.

Dog Health Check 1
Mouth Open the mouth gently and check that the tongue and gums are pink.

Dog Health Check 1
Eyes The eyes should be clear and bright, and there should be no signs of discharge.
Dog Health Check 1
Coat Run your hand against the grain of the coat to check for sores and the black dust caused by fleas.
Dog Health Check 1
Tail Check under the tail that there is no staining, which would indicate diarrhea.

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