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Swiss Hounds

Swiss Hounds
Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI
Height: Minimum: 17 in (44.5cm) Generally: 18-22 in (45.5-56cm) Short-legged varieties: 12-15 in (30-37.5cm)
Coat: Swiss & Bernese: rough, wiry, with a thick undercoat Lucernese: short and very dense
Color: Swiss: white with orange markings Bernese: white, black, with strong tan markings Lucernese: white with gray or blue speckling and broad dark or black markings

The scenthounds of Switzerland include the Swiss Hound, the Bernese Hound, and Lucernese Hound. There are also short-legged versions, produced by crossing the Dachshund with the full-size versions to produce specialized hunters for certain types of terrain. All three hounds are very similar in abilities, character, and appearance, except for color of coat. They have keen noses, great powers of endurance, and will work over any terrain. They make excellent tracking dogs and are used to hunt a variety of game, including hare, fox, and deer. Swiss Hounds are calm companions but have strong hunting instincts and are powerfully built, and so are not suitable as household pets. They need a lot of exercise, and should be groomed with a hound glove, and a slicker for the rough-coated varieties.
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