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Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog:11-13 in (27.5-32.5cm) Bitch:10-12in(25-30cm)
Weight: 12-18 lb (5.5-8kg)
Coat: Abundant and dense, with longer hair on the neck, shoulders, chest, and backs of rear legs
Color: Black, but the undercoat can be slightly lighter; other solid colors are permissible outside the US

The Schipperke originated in Belgium but is often thought to be a Dutch dog, a confusion that may have arisen because the Netherlands and Belgium are relatively modern countries. The breed is thought by some to be 200 years old, although no records exist to prove this. It may have been established as long ago as the mid-1500s, because of a story that two black dogs without tails rescued Prince William of Orange from an assassin. Differences of opinion also exist on the breed's ancestry. Some think it arose from early northern spitz dogs, while others consider it a descendant of a now-extinct Belgian sheepdog. The Schipperke was once the most popular housepet and watchdog in Belgium. Traditionally, its job was to guard canal barges when they were tied up for the night, and it was this task that earned the breed its name. Schipperke is Flemish for "little captain," and has also been translated as "little skipper," "little Boatman," and even "little corporal." This breed was first exhibited in 1880. It was recognized by the Royal Schipperke Club of Brussels in 1886, and given an official standard in 1904. The Schipperke Club of England was formed in 1905 and the Schipperke Club of America in 1,929. The Schipperke is an affectionate dog that is good with children, usually very long lived, and an excellent watchdog. It is said to be able to walk up to 6 miles (10km) a day without tiring, but will make do with considerably less exercise. It should be housed indoors rather than in a kennel. and its coat needs very little attention.
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