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Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 21-23 in (52.5-59cm) Bitch:19-21 in (47.5-52.5cm)
Weight: 50-65 lb (22.5-29.5kg)
Coat: Harsh but not wiry, straight, with thick, soft, short undercoat
Color: Pure white, white and biscuit, or cream; outer coat silver-tipped

The Samoyed or Smiling Sammy takes its name from the Siberian tribe of Samoyedes. This beautiful and devoted spitz variety has great powers of endurance and was one of the breeds used by Fridtjof Nansen and Ernest Shackleton on their expeditions to the North Pole. It has also been used as a guard and to hunt reindeer. Unlike many sled dogs, the Sammy lives in the homes of its owners in its native land. It is a devoted dog that is good with children and makes an obedient, if slightly independent, housepet. Some breed members have exceled in obedience work. It revels in exercise, and its thick, water-resistant coat needs regular brushing and combing.
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