Non-sporting Breeds


Pedigree Points
Recognized: ANKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: 10-13 in (25-33cm)
Weight: 8-18 1b (3.5-8kg)
Coat: Moderately long and wavy
Color: Any color or combination of colors permissible

The Lowchen is also known as the Little Lion Dog because it was traditionally given a lion clip, similar to that sported by the exhibition poodle. Complete with mane and tufted tail, the Lowchen does look like a lion in miniature. This breed is a member of the bichon family, and is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean area. It is recognized as a French breed, but has been known in both France and Spain since the late 1500s. The Lowchen is widely believed to be the dog included by the Spanish artist, Francisco de Goya, in a painting of his friend, the Duchess of Alba. The Lowchen is an affectionate, intelligent dog that is popular in the show ring but rarely seen walking in the park. It enjoys life as a pet given the chance, and is a lively animal, requiring daily brushing. If it is your intention to exhibit your Lowchen, expert advice on clipping should be sought.
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