Non-sporting Breeds

Jura Hounds

Jura Hounds
Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI
Height: Minimum: 17 in (44.5cm) Generally: 18-22 in (45.5-56cm)
Coat: Short
Color: Yellowish or reddish brown, with or without large black saddle; black with tan markings over eyes, on cheeks, and on underparts of body; may have white mark on chest

There are two varieties of Jura Hound, the Bruno and the Saint Hubert. Both are native to the Jura mountains area in western Switzerland and have a similar origin to the other Swiss Hounds. However, they are closer in appearance to the Saint Hubert Bloodhound, particularly the Saint Hubert Jura, which has a heavier head, larger ears, and more pronounced folds of skin on the chin and neck than the Bruno. There are also short-legged versions. Enthusiastic hunters, Jura Hounds are used mainly against hare and can cope with any type of terrain. The Bruno and Saint Hubert Jura Hounds are gentle, affectionate dogs that make excellent hunting companions, but have strong hunting instincts and are not really suited to life as a household pet. They need plenty of exercise and grooming with a hound glove.
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