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Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita
Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB)
Height: Dog: 26-28 in (66-71 cm) Bitch: 24-26 in (61 -66cm)
Weight: 75-101 lb (33.5-48.5kg)
Coat: Outer coat coarse, straight, and stand-off; soft, dense undercoat
Color: Any, including white, brindle, and pinto (white with irregular black patches), with or without mask

The Akita originated in the Polar regions and has a history tracing back more than 300 years. The Akita was bred to hunt deer and wild boar, and has also hunted the Japanese black bear. It is an extremely swift-moving dog that can work in deep snow. It also has webbed feet and is a strong swimmer, with the ability to retrieve wildfowl and to drive fish into fishermen's nets. The powerful but very trainable Akita is a versatile hunter and retriever, and a first-class guard. It has a good temperament for a show dog and is now being kept widely as a pet. However, this alert and energetic dog should not be kept in confined conditions. It can be formidable if its hunting instincts become aroused and needs a good outlet, such as obedience classes, for its undoubted abilities. It also requires daily brushing and a reasonable amount of exercise.
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