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Italian Spinone

Italian Spinone
Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 23-27 in (59-69cm) Bitch: 23-25 in (57.5-64cm)
Weight: Dog: 70-82 lb (32-37kg) Bitch: 62-71 lb (28-32kg)
Coat: Rough, thick, and fairly wiry
Color: White, white with orange markings, solid white peppered orange, white with brown markings, or white speckled with brown (brown roan), with or without brown markings

The Italian Spinone is an ancient gundog breed. However, it has only recently become a contender in the international show ring and in field trials. Opinions vary, even in ltaly, about the dog's origin, as to whether it is of setter descent-climatic conditions alone accounting for its thick coat-or a relative of the coarse-haired Italian Segugio or, indeed,a Griffon cross. Other authorities believe that this powerful, versatile hunter originated in the French region of Bresse, later finding its way to Piedmont in ltaly, and that its evolution is attributable not only to the French Griffon, but also to German Pointers, the Porcelaine, the now extinct Barbet, and the Korthals Griffon. Or the Spinone may be the result of a mating between a Coarse-haired Setter and a white mastiff. Affectionate, agreeable, and of loyal temperament, the ltalian Spinone has a soft mouth and will both point and retrieve. It needs plenty of vigorous exercise, is a fine swimmer, and is best suited to country life.
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