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Italian Segugio

Italian Segugio
Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI, KC (GB)
Height: Dog: 21-23 in (53-58.5cm) Bitch: 19-22 in (48-56cm)
Weight: 39-62 lb (17.5-28kg)
Coat: Dense, glossy, and smooth; or coarse on head, ears, body, legs, and tail
Color: Various shades of red, fawn, or black and tan

The Italian Segugio comes in two coat types, shorthaired and coarse-haired. The origins of this ancient Italian hunting dog trace back to the coursing dogs of ancient Egypt and it still has something of the Greyhound in its appearance. As well as having keen eyesight, it is blessed with an exceptional sense of smell, and was used against a wide variety of game. Today it is used mainly to hunt hare. The Segugio will remain bravely within firing distance once it has found its quarry. It can cope with most types of terrain, and is a natural hunter, but it should be trained in its working role during its early months. It is generally good natured, if a little strong willed, and can be kept as a companion dog. It needs plenty of exercise, but its coat needs little attention apart from regular brushing.
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