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Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound
Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: 12-15 in (32-38cm)
Weight: 5-10 lb (2.5-4.5kg)
Coat: Short, fine, and glossy
Color: Solid black, blue, cream, fawn, red, or white, or any of these colors broken with white; white broken with one of the above colors; black or blue with tan markings, or brindle, not acceptable

There is little doubt that the Italian Greyhound is a descendant of the Greyhound, but there appears to be no record of how and when it was reduced in size. The Greyhound is one of the most ancient breeds in the world, depicted in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs; drawings of smaller Greyhounds also date back to Egyptian and Roman times. The Italian Greyhound is a delightful, affectionate housepet that is easy to train, rarely molts, and is odorless. However, this dainty little dog is very sensitive. It feels the cold, can be wounded by harsh words, and its legs are easily broken. The breed enjoys a fair amount of exercise, but must have a warm coat in wintry conditions. It is easy to groom, a rub-down with a silk handkerchief making its coat shine.
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