Non-sporting Breeds


Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 24-27 in (63-70cm) Bitch: 23-25 in (58-65cm)
Weight: Dog: 66-88 lb (30-40kg) Bitch: 55-77 lb (25-35kg)
Coat: Medium soft, fairly long, and close to body
Color: Black and gold, blond and black

The Hovawart has been described as a relative newcomer. In fact, the breed has been recognized by the German Kennel Club since 1936, having appeared in Wurttemberg toward the end of the 19th century. The name Hovawart comes from the German "Hofewart," meaning estate or watch dog, but its role, for many years, seems to have been simply that of a companion dog that will rise to the occasion if required to do so. It has appeared on the European show circuit in recent years and is recognized by the Kennel Club in Britain. An excellent guard dog that is home loving, fond of children, and easy to train, the Hovawart tends to be a one-person dog. It is slow to mature and will respond aggressively when provoked.
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