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Pedigree Points
Recognized: ANKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 19-23 in (50-60cm) Bitch: 18-22 in (46-57cm)
Weight: 50-60 lb (22.5-27kg)
Coat: Strongly weather-resistant upper coat lying close to body; short, close, soft undercoat
Color: Upper side of neck, back, sides of trunk, and upper side of tail: black; head, legs, side of neck, trunk, and tail: brown; blaze on upper muzzle, underside of neck, breast, tip of tail, and feet: white; mixing of black and brown, or predominance of any one of the three colors is undesirable

The Hamiltonstovare or Hamilton Hound is named after Count Adolf Patrick Hamilton, founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, who standardized the breed about a century ago. This medium-sized hound, used to flush game in the forests of Sweden, resulted from cross-breedings between the English Foxhound, the Holstein Hound, the Hanoverian Haidbracke, and Hanover and Kurland Beagles (now extinct). Hamiltonstovare is currently the most popular hunting hound in its native land. This smart, affectionate, and intelligent dog makes a good companion that may be kept in the home, provided that it receives plenty of exercise. It needs daily grooming using a hound glove.
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