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Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Pedigree Points
Recognized: CKC, FCI
Height: Dog: 25 -27 in (65-70cm) Bitch: 23 -25 in (59.5-65cm)
Weight: Dog: 66-70 lb (30-32kg) Bitch: 55-60 lb (25-27kg)
Coat: Stiff and short
Color: Black with bright, symmetrical russet and white markings

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is the largest of four Swiss mountain dogs, of which the best known is the Bernese. All are thought to descend from Molossus dogs, brought north by ancient Roman armies, and local herding dogs, and they were used for guarding, herding, and draft work. Many have also been used for search and rescue work in the mountains. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is a faithful, gentle animal that is generally devoted to children. It is alert and highly intelligent and makes a fine watchdog, willing to protect its human family with its life. It is essentially a country dog that thrives in wide open spaces, and needs plenty of exercise. It requires regular grooming with a bristle brush.
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