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German Wire haired Pointer

German Wire haired Pointer
Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 24-25 in (60-67cm) Bitch: 22-24 in (56-62cm)
Weight: Dog: 55-75 lb (25-34kg) Bitch: 45-64 lb (20.5-29kg)
Coat: Thick and harsh, no longer than 1 in (4cm) long, with dense undercoat
Color: Liver and white, solid liver, and also black and white in the UK; solid black and tricolor highly undesirable

The German Wire-haired Pointer is very similar to the German Short-haired Pointer, except in coat, and the latter obviously had a hand in the Wire-haired's make-up, as did the Wire-haired Pointing Griffon and the Stichelhaar, as well as the Airedale Terrier. The German Wire-haired Pointer was claimed to be superior to the Short-haired in forest and water, and at hunting bigger game. Although popular in its homeland, the German Wire-haired took longer than the Short-haired to become established overseas. The Wire-haired, although it can adapt to the role of household pet, has had certain aggressive qualities bred into it, and is best kept purely as a hunting dog.
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