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German Spitz

German Spitz
Pedigree Points
Recognized: ANKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Small: 9-11 in (23-28cm) Standard: 11-13 in (29-35.5cm)
Weight: Small: 7 lb (3kg) Standard: 25 lb (11.5kg)
Coat: Soft, woolly undercoat and long, dense, straight outer coat
Color: All solid color varieties

The only difference between the Small German Spitz and Standard German Spitz is size. Both are smaller versions of the Great German Spitz or Wolfspitz. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of spitz dogs, they probably come from Scandinavia and were taken to other countries by the Vikings. Spitz dogs were known as early as 1700 when white specimens were said to be kept in Pomerania and black ones In Wurttemberg. Some of the smaller varieties of the white spitz bred in Pomerania became known and established under the name Pomeranian. This active, intelligent dog is independent, yet devotion to its human family is a breed characteristic. The German Spitz can adapt to life in the town or country, and needs vigorous daily brushing and an average amount of exercise. If r-unchecked, the breed does have a tendency to yap.
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