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Estrela Moutain Dog

Estrela Moutain Dog
Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 23-27 in (58-68cm) Bitch:20-24 in (51-61cm)
Weight: Dog: 75-105 lb (34-48kg) Bitch: 60-90 lb (27-41kg)
Coat: Long: thick, moderately harsh outer coat with feathering on backs of legs and thighs, and dense undercoat Short: thick, moderately harsh outer coat, with shorter, dense undercoat
Color: All colors or combinations of colors

The Estrela Mountain Dog, also known as the Portuguese Mountain Dog, originated many centuries ago in the Estrela mountains of Portugal. It was bred as a herding dog and has in its make-up something of the Mastiff and the Saint Bernard, to which it bears some resemblance. It has always been popular in its native Portugal, where it is still used as a guard dog. The Estrela Mountain Dog is an excellent guard, with immense stamina. It is very loyal and affectionate to its owners but indifferent to other humans. This intelligent dog is said to need a great deal of love and firm, kind handling. It requires plenty of exercise, regular brushing, and a light diet, which should be discussed with the breeder at the time of purchase.
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