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Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 20 in (52cm) Bitch: 19 in (49cm)
Weight: Dog: 50 lb (23kg) Bitch: 43 lb (20kg)
Coat: Close, abundant, and weather-resistant; outer coat coarse and straight, undercoat soft and woolly
Color: Various shades of gray with black tips to hairs on outer coat; lighter on chest, stomach, legs, underside of tail, buttocks, and in a harness mark

The Gray Norwegian Elkhound has probably existed in its native Scandinavia for millennia. Archeologists have discovered bones of similar dogs dating back to 5000-4000 BC. Its task was to seek an elk and hold it at bay until its master moved in for the kill. There is arlsoa Miniature Elkhound and a Black Elkhound, the lirtter being little known outside its native Norway. Although somewhat willful in youth, the Elkhound is generally a good-natured household pet that has no doggie odor and is reliable with children. It requires dailv brushing and combing, and plenty of exercise.
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