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Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog
Pedigree Points
Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA
Height: Dog: 11-13 in (28-33cm) Bitch: 9-l2 in (23-30.5cm)
Weight: 12 lb (5.5kg) maximum
Coat: Hairless: Tuft of long, soft hair only on head, feet and tail Powder Puff: Double, long, straight outer coat, soft silky undercoat
Color: Any color or combination

The almost hairless Chinese Crested is said to have originated in China and been taken to South America in Chinese sailing ships many centuries ago. However, there have been hairless dogs in many countries of the world, including Africa and Turkey, and some think the Chinese Crested may be the result of the mating of a Mexican Hairless Dog with the Chihuahua. Certainly the mating of a Chinese Crested with a Chihuahua can produce a completely hairless dog. The Chinese Crested has no coat except for a flowing crest or mane, hair on its feet, and a gaily carried, plumed tail. However, in almost every litter, there are some haired pups that grow into luxuriantly coated adults that resemble little sheepdogs. These are known as Powder Puffs. This affectionate little dog makes an excellent pet for those who appreciate its loving nature and are not put off by its exuberance. It is frequently hyperactive, playing tirelessly and leaping about in circles in anticipation of the tiniest crumb of food. The Chinese Crested adores food, its body feeling hotter to the touch after it has eaten, and rations should be increased in the winter months. Its paws will grip in an endearing, almost human fashion. Ideally, it should be bathed about every three weeks and have its skin massaged with cream. Whiskers, and any straggly odd hairs, should be removed for the show ring. This breed can adjust to warm or cold climates but should never be kenneled outdoors and must be protected against sunburn.
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