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Appenzell Mountain Dog

Appenzell Mountain Dog
Pedigree Points
Recognized: FCI, KUSA
Height: Dog: 22-23 in (56-58.5cm) Bitch: 18 -20 in (46-50cm)
Weight: 49-55 lb (22-25kg)
Coat: Short, dense, and hard
Color: Black and tan with white markings on head, chest, and feet; tail tip is always white

The Appenzell Mountain Dog takes its name from a canton in northern Switzerland. The Appenzell is similar in appearance to the Bernese Mountain Dog but is generally smaller, more rectangular in shape, and smooth coated. The Appenzell was used extensively at one time as a herding dog and to haul carts of produce to market. It is still fairly common in its native land, where there is a thriving Appenzell club, but is rarely seen in other countries. A resilient, intelligent dog that is easily trained, the adaptable Appenzell makes an excellent farm and rescue dog, companion, and guard. It needs plenty of food and exercise, and a daily brushing.
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